Last weekend was good. I spent it with people from GBU (Groupes Bibliques Universitaires) from the Mediterranean region – it was kind of like the equivalent of Forum NE, but with far fewer people.

With the GBU being a cultural organisation (allowing it to reach students, but meaning that acts of worship or prayer are not appropriate), the focussed teaching, prayer and worship that I value so much at CU are not always available. But with this weekend being geared towards Christian students – how we can effectively be a disciple on campus – it was a chance to get some of that teaching, prayer and worship.

One of the things we prayed for over the weekend was international IFES movements (given as how Friday was IFES World Student Day) – and this gave me the opportunity to talk about and pray for CU.

There are lots of things I took for granted back in England. Having a large, vibrant CU. Being able to host evangelistic events on campus. The joy of being among 2,000 people at the Carol Service.

In fact, I’d forgotten that joy. Knowing that so many people had an amazing opportunity to celebrate, and hear the Good News in such a beautiful place. It was only as the others became more and more thrilled that so many people had that opportunity that it really hit home – CU is so blessed.

In short: I’ve learned quite a bit, rediscovered the joy of people hearing the Gospel, and after 2 nights on a hard floor have an appreciation for just how good beds are.


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