Friends and Fears

Yet I always stay close to you,
    and you hold me by the hand.” – Psalm 73:23

This past year has been so special. To be able to live and grow with four wonderful people has been such a privilege and blessing. I am definitely going to miss it. But I had a minor panic recently. It was about next year. Would I end up with friends? How hard is it to get to know people in a foreign country? Would I find a good Church? How easy would it be to get involved in the GBU (the French equivalent of CU)? Would I be able to make and develop the relationships that will sustain me throughout my time in France?

Knowing that God is faithful and has already blessed me with so many good friends should give me much more confidence about next year. But it’s all too easy to forget this and rely on my own strength rather than God.

I have a lot of very good, very close friends here at uni. And in the middle of my recent panic, I wondered exactly how I managed to end up with them. And then I came to my senses and realised: I have a great number of great friends, and it was nothing to do with me. And that’s hugely reassuring.



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