Prayer and Trust in God

We have courage in God’s presence, because we are sure that he hears us if we ask him for anything that is according to his will. He hears us whenever we ask him; and since we know this is true, we know also that he gives us what we ask from him.” – 1 John 5:14-15

I feel like recently I’ve been a bit naggy in my prayers. Year abroad, exams, year abroad, thanks, year abroad…

There’s definitely a common theme. There’s also a reason for that common theme.

Since arriving at uni everything has turned out so well. The people I’ve met, the people I’m living with, the course, the societies… And in September much of that will be gone. I’ll be effectively starting at uni again, knowing nobody, in a foreign country, with only a basic idea of what I’ll be doing. At least it feels like that at the moment. I’ll probably have more of an idea even by the end of term.

But all of that is pretty scary. And I struggle to trust God enough. Even knowing that there will be people at home and at uni praying. Perhaps even someone in France praying that they’ll get a Christian housemate for next year. You never know.

So why don’t I trust God enough? Even just over the past year and a half He’s given me so many reasons to trust Him. Having had prayers answered in the most wonderful ways. Having seen first-hand what can happen when we just let go and trust.

I guess a lot of it is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of things going wrong. Fear of consequences.

So, put simply, I need to get over that fear. Know that human failure happens, but that God is infinitely better and infinitely more powerful than friends or family can ever be. It’s a lot easier said than done. But there are so many instances in the Bible about how strong, powerful and good God is.

I know that God listens to and answers prayers. And that when a believing person prays, great things happen (James 5:16). So I shall keep praying.

Praying not only for my year abroad, but also for greater trust in God. But definitely the year abroad…


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