The best sort of encouragement :D

There are some people in CU who consistently amaze me. They amaze me with their ability to talk to people, with just how empathetic they are. With just how faithful they are in praying for every single person they meet.

One of our college group leaders (CReps) is exactly like that. Like me, she was a Day STYC during Freshers Week. One of our responsibilities was running a “brunch club” (that is, serving people who came into the common room with breakfast bars, pastries etc.) and to be honest, much of the time nothing really happened. A few people came in, took some food, and left.

And then one day one of the college administrators came in. He said that there was a girl who was coming in later who was 17, who had been pressured to drink by her STYCs, who was isolated, lonely and in need of some help. Her name is Laura.

To the surprise of nobody, our CRep took Laura under her wing, went out for coffee with her, and invited her along to events where slightly less drinking would be going on. Many of these were CU events.

Since then, Laura has come along to most of our College CU meetings, signed up to be part of a CU family, made loads of Christian friends (some of whom she’ll be living with next year). She’s also participating in and contributing to our Bible studies, and has even been to Church.

How great is our God! Putting everything in place so that someone at their most desperate can hear the Gospel and get to know His love.


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