The End of Term… Already

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. A weekend away with CU, a group presentation to prepare and give, and somehow my body decided to go a little bit into shutdown and hide in my bed for far longer (but still somehow not long enough…)

Anyway. In 3 days I’ll have made it to the end of term. And what a term it’s been. A few mad moments, a great house, lots of work, and lots of CU. But it’s what’s still to come that’s most exciting.

We’ve got a carol service at York Minster. For the first time. In previous years, it was on campus. In a less than ideal location. But the two universities in York are teaming up to put it on in the Minster. And it’s so exciting because it’s such a great opportunity to invite people to hear about Jesus. They can go for free into York’s biggest tourist attraction, experience a really traditional carol service, get free refreshments, feel really Christmassy…

And it’s tomorrow. So we’ll have made it to December. Just. We’ll be even further into Advent. Our ridiculously short terms won’t hold us back!

I’ve got a few carol services coming up this year. When I get back home for Christmas, I’ll be doing the service at my home church. And then the day after, my old school will be having their one at Church. Which I might go to.

It’s a mad time of term and it’s a mad time of year. But that’s what makes it so fun 🙂


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