Toasties: The nature of the Trinity

Getting to know people is an important part of college evangelism. One of the best ways to do that is to be consistent in who delivers toasties. We get to know them, they get to know us – the people – rather than a random member of CU who they might never see again.

One of the questions we got asked this week came from someone who ordered last week. We were running rather low on orders, so someone texted them to ask if they wanted anything. And they did. So along with an order of 8 ham and cheese toasties, we were able to go and have a chat. And, of course, they asked a question.

The question was essentially on the nature of the Trinity. How, when the term is not actually even used in the Bible, do we know that that is the nature of God?

I responded by looking at how God is shown in the Bible. In the Old Testament, in particular (but also throughout the New Testament), we see God the Father. The creator, the one who cares for us and loves us. Through the Gospels, we see Jesus, God the Son. The one who came down from heaven, who was God incarnate. Then we see another aspect of God. The Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit with us. Each one of those is fully God, and God is each one of those.

Trying to comprehend this helps me to understand the nature of God a little better. When I understand who I pray to, who I worship, it really helps me. It helps me to understand just how awesome God is. Just how powerful. Just how present.

We left on a cheerful note, them promising to text back next week with more questions. It’s encouraging to see that they were interested enough to respond this week, and I just pray that this will lead to even more good conversations, and perhaps another Christian… 🙂


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