Hymns: Praise God for the Harvest

I love the tune for this hymn, although I previously associated it with Christmas for some reason.

Praise God for the Harvest is a beautiful hymn that reminds us that everything comes from God, and it is through God’s love that we receive so many blessings. Even though it’s so tempting to see everything as coming from ourselves. Our labour. Our inventions. The things that we grow and create.

But as well as reminding us of God’s great love and grace, it is also prayerful, particularly in the last verse:

“Praise God for the harvest of mercy and love
for leaders and peoples who struggle and serve
with patience and kindness, that all may be led
to freedom and justice, and all may be fed.”

This is a prayer for those for whom God’s love is not so evident. For those who are hungry, either for food or for freedom and justice.

Harvest for us is a time of celebration and thankfulness. And it’s mostly about food. But harvest, for me, also speaks about sharing. Sharing food. Sharing time. And maybe even sharing the Gospel.


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