Looking Ahead

Every good action and every perfect gift is from God.” – James 1:17a

It’s August 2016. Which means Olympics, beautiful weather, and looking forward to next year. I’ve started making a cushion for the house, am worrying about not having sorted bills yet, and trying to meet up with friends from school to catch up on anything and everything.

I’ve started to look forward to Forum. I’ll be there in a month’s time; it’s a week-long camp for CU leaders to help equip them for sharing the Gospel through their studies, and in CU. Whilst I’m not a CU leader as such (I do get involved, for example sometimes leading prayer meetings, but I don’t have a specific role), many other CU members recommended it, and it will be great to spend a week looking at how God can work on campus.

Another reason I’m looking forward to Forum is that I’ll be back with my friends. Sure, it will only have been a couple of months since I last saw them. But given that I’ll have known them for just 2 years before I spend a year in France (and by the time I get back, they’ll have graduated…), that’s quite a long time. And knowing my friends has been an incredible blessing this year, and living with them next year will hopefully bring even more.

This brings home to me how much has changed since going to uni. My friends from school are still there, but I am much closer to my uni friends. I was worried at the beginning of uni about finding friends. Mostly because I’m naturally quite introverted, and didn’t particularly want to go to any large-scale events. But going to smaller events, mostly CU-run, helped me to find them and we’ve become really strong friends.

Looking forward to next year, it would be great to use what I learn at Forum to help freshers, coursemates and others on campus to know exactly how good God is – and to share His many blessings.


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