Rest and Sleep

I go to bed and sleep in peace, because, Lord, only you keep me safe.” – Psalm 4:8

I really should be asleep right now.

But I am not.

It is quiet, and comfortable.

I can be calm, and reflect on God’s great blessings. On His word, on everything He has provided.

My summer so far has not been very productive. I would generally describe myself as having quite a calm temperament, but I need things to do. Otherwise I can snap. I am trying to use this opportunity to learn more about God, although even with so much free time, there are so many distractions.

Knowing that, in God, I can find rest and safety, Psalm 4 seemed appropriate. This quiet, peaceful time between my family going to bed and me going to bed is a perfect opportunity to spend time reflecting on the day, as well as reading and reflecting on God’s word. It provides a time for prayer, without distractions. It provides a time to just sit, without feeling the need to do anything; spend time just being with God.

I am going away next week. And I have things going on tomorrow. And it’s almost 1am.

In the words of one of my friends, “Sleep is biologically pleasant.” It’s hardly surprising finding rest and comfort in God is pleasant as well.

So for both of those reasons, I will go to bed and sleep in peace.


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