A time to say goodbye

There is a time for everything, and everything on earth has its special season.” – Ecclesiastes 3:1

This means there is a time to leave. A time to say goodbye. A time to move on.

It’s been a long couple of days. Packing everything, making sure I’d packed for the next 10 days separately, cleaning out my kitchen cupboards, travelling back home…

I’ve not quite moved completely out of my accommodation for this year – that will happen later when my parents have free time to drive up to York to collect my stuff with me. But I have essentially left for the year. I’ve said goodbye to so many people over the past week. Of course, most of them I just said “Have a great summer” and then left, with a hug if appropriate.

But then there are some who I probably won’t see again. People like Ricky and Gina – our Relay and Staff workers respectively – who have really helped this year. Gina stayed with me for the whole of events week, which was really encouraging for me. It helped me to ingrain certain habits which I’d become somewhat apathetic towards. Such as praying. Praying every morning that week, and praying just before bed. Little things like that which mean I now pray far more regularly than I used to.

People like Lara, who in the past year has become a really good friend, but will be going back to Brazil to continue studying.

And of course, all the final years who are moving on to new and exciting things.

The phrase “See you in heaven, if not before!” came up several times over the past week.

There are now 14 weeks before university starts again. 11 until I meet up with CU people again at Forum. That’s a long time. But that also means that I have a lot of time spare. And now I am not focussed on studying, that’s time I can use for, well, everything else.


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