Toasties: How would Jesus vote in the EU referendum?

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”” – Matthew 4:4

Toasties: How would Jesus vote in the EU referendum?

Or, to rephrase the question, what is the link between the EU referedum, addiction, and the feeding of the 5000?

The simple answer to the first question is “We don’t know”. Even if Jesus were eligible to vote in the referendum, which given that he wasn’t British he probably wouldn’t have been. What we do know, however, is that God is sovereign. And whilst each one of us has our own opinion on what is best for the UK (i.e. whether we are better off in our out of Europe), we can’t know the whole story. But what we can do is pray. Not necessarily for the outcome that we desire the most. I mean, we may inadvertently be praying for it, but that’s not important.

We pray for the best outcome.

I’ll admit to losing interest in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s the one thing that I’ve repeated every single week pretty much since I could speak, and for a very long time it’s not really had that much meaning for me. It’s just… well, the Lord’s Prayer.

But reflecting on that a little more. It’s the Lord’s Prayer. It’s how we are taught, in the book of Matthew, to pray. It’s an incredibly important example of prayer. And there’s one line that’s particularly pertinent to this:

“Your will be done”

Instead of praying to leave or remain in the EU, according to our own preferences, surely we should be praying that whatever the outcome, God’s will is being done. God is sovereign, God is in control.

So to answer the second question.

My college group runs text-a-toastie every week. It’s a good way of serving the college and spreading the Gospel. And it’s really fun to do as well.

There is one house who have texted in every single week. In fact, it will be very weird next year when they’ve moved out of uni accommodation and are no longer texting in every week. And they ask fairly awkward questions. But that’s fine. We’re there to answer them as best we can. And in discussing them, I’ve learned quite a lot.

One of the other great things about toasties is the opportunity it gives us to really get to know our college and have really good conversations with them.

After answering the question, we invited them to an event that we’re hosting on Friday. They invited us to their event as well, and for some reason we started talking about wine. I joked that I’d been drinking once a month since Year 8, and since moving to uni had upped that to once a week. Then someone mentioned that that’s a sign of becoming addicted. And then someone mentioned that they might be addicted to toasties.

This made us think: Where would the toastie addiction lead them next? The answer: A whole block of cheese, sandwiched between two loaves of bread. And then somehow put in a toastie machine.

The image of two loaves of bread and a block of cheese reminded me of the image of Jesus feeding the 5000 with not much more. OK, so you’d need to substitute the cheese for a couple of fish. But you get my drift. This, I feel, led into a much better discussion of the Gospel, of Jesus providing for people, of Matthew 4:4 (“Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”).

So that’s the link between the EU referendum, addiction and the feeding of the 5000.

And that’s also probably my last Toasties of the year. There probably will be toasties next week, but I probably won’t be there. So I’ll start writing more about Toasties properly once the Autumn Term starts!


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