Time with God

But I am always with you;
you have held my hand” – Psalm 73:23

I’ve been feeling a bit down recently. It’s probably mostly to do with the fact that it’s the middle of exams, the one I’m not looking forward to is on Monday, it’s also the middle of term, and whilst it’s been summery for one or two days, it doesn’t really feel like it’s here to stay.

I find it’s worse when I’m alone. Whilst I am very definitely an introvert, I find solace in other people’s company. That’s why I’m meeting with one of my prayer partners today – to spend some quality time together, to chat over a coffee, and to pray.

I often forget to pray. I often forget that God is always there, ready to listen to whatever I have to say. Whilst I find a lot of solace in other people’s company, I often forget that I am in the company of God, who is so much greater than any of my friends. God is always there, He is always listening. Even in those dark hours of 3 o’clock in the morning.

God asks us several times in the Bible to “pray continually”. It’s often far too easy to just get caught up in everything I’m doing – be that work, rest, socialising or whatever else I may be doing. I’m certainly not praying.

Whilst meeting up with others is great, and certainly something worthwhile, I will try to enjoy some ‘alone time’ with God a little more – with my Bible, and in prayer. It will help me get to know God a little more, and it will certainly help me when I’m feeling down, or lonely. God’s steadfast love is so reassuring when life just gets a little rubbish, and it’s something to rejoice in when it invariably gets better.


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